The Principality of Monaco

Monaco offers a combination of unique advantages in a very integrated way which makes the Principality a special place in Europe.

The Principality of Monaco is an exceptional place to colourise your life if you are sick of the usual black and white. It is a land just under the rainbow of the coast of the Mediterranean sea where people usually come to live their dreams even if it is just for a day. However if you allow yourself this dream then it is able to provide you much more. It can be your true reality as well as offering an exceptional life quality for you and your loved ones.

Monaco offers a combination of unique advantages in a very integrated way which makes the Principality a special place in Europe. The size of the Principality of Monaco and its Monégasque territory is approximately 2 km2. Yes, it is smaller than an average district in a bigger city in other countries. Even if it is a tiny pearl with its small location it offers ultra-high secured safety, profitable fiscal system, political and economic stability, as well as an exceptional weather condition during the whole year.

In the eye of the World the Principality of Monaco has always represented the elegance and luxury rooting back hundreds of years. Monaco also has an important international presence since it takes part in multiple international events. Once you relocate in Monaco you can experience that almost every week there is a new and exciting event so you can always find something for your taste. In between the events you can observe also the enormous efforts that Monaco makes with its various commitments in an international level.

What makes Monaco exciting are the advantages it offers to its residents even if the Principality is strongly influenced by its relationship with France.

Monaco and France have always worked hand in hand throughout the history and often France provided protection for the population of this tiny country. This French-Monégasque relationship was also built on very strategic pillars. Due to its location between the borders of Italy and France Monaco always played an important strategic role.

However we have to emphasise that the Principality of Monaco is not a French county or a French territory. There are many differences between the two cultures even if they share some of the social backgrounds and the economic aspects. Monaco’s low local population has been always isolated by the sea and the surrounding mountains. Its natural boundaries created for the Principality a great isolation protecting Monaco from the external influences.

Since 1993, the Principality of Monaco is a member of the United Nations, which has also helped it to develop and build up mutually beneficial links with key international organisations.

Monaco is also part of the European Monetary Zone, called Eurozone. However Monaco is not a member of the European Union.

Probably this independent environment, vibrant and multi-cultural community has attracted many foreigners from over hundreds of nations.

The Principality also has a very specific real-estate market marking Monaco as a number one real-estate investment territory in Europe. It also provides great business and investment conditions.