How can you become a citizen of Monaco?

Many people’s dream is to become a citizen of Monaco. It is not about loyalty or a passport but it is more about to be part of an ideal community.

There are many possibilities for gaining a citizenship, however in many cases the process can be extremely hard since naturalisation is granted only by sovereign ordinance. And once the Prince has made his decision it is unquestionable.

Decisions of rejecting or deferring the request are not subject to appeal and it can happen that your request may always be rejected, even if your request satisfies all the pre-conditions laid down, as these latter merely confer the right to make the request for naturalisation.

It may seem very personal… well it is.

Once your nationality has been successfully granted a certificate of nationality will be provided for you, which is required for certain administrative documents in Monaco. You can request in such cases that the Town Hall Nationality Department send the certificate directly to the relevant department.

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