H.E. Mr. Serge Telle Receives Mr. Guillaume Pepy

Mr. Guillaume Pepy, Chairman of the Management Board of the SNCF, visited the Principality on Friday 13 January 2017 for a working meeting with the Minister of State.

Serge Telle was accompanied by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development; Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy; Robert Colle, Secretary-General of the Government; and Séverine Canis-Froidefond, Director of Forward Planning, Urban Studies and Mobility and Government Commissioner to the SNCF.

Mr. Pepy was accompanied by Jean-Aimé Mougenot, Regional Director of SNCF Mobilités and Jacques Frossard, Territorial Director of the SNCF for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Network.

he discussions covered issues of mobility related to the Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur Region and were an opportunity for the Government to recall its commitments and its wish to increase the quality and frequency of services to the Principality.

Note that the State Departments take part in several working groups to optimise rail services:

Improving the existing Mandelieu-Ventimiglia line – this project is focused on five main areas of improvement: reliability, regularity, capacity, inter-operability and speed. The Principality is taking part in preliminary studies of work to be undertaken, amounting to EUR 714,250.

Improvements to cross-border rail links between three territories (the PACA region, the Liguria Region and the Principality of Monaco) through the INFORAILMED project, undertaken as part of the European ALCOTRA 2007-2013 programme. The first results are:

  • the implementation of a system of bilingual information tools;
  • coordination of rail services;
  • and the management of disruptions at Ventimiglia station.

An audit of rail services to the Monaco – Monte-Carlo station on the budget of the PACA region – the State has confirmed its financial participation in an audit that will make it possible to assess the cost of developing services to Monaco station.

Improving the TER (regional) service – the State has confirmed that it will help to finance work to extend the platforms at Nice-Riquier station (220 m), making it possible to accommodate new “Régio2N” trains.

Public transport is an important aspect of the mobility policy of the Prince’s Government. Trains play a major part in transporting workers who commute to the Principality on a daily basis. Monaco station serves more than 6 million passengers every year (in comparison with 2.3 million in 1998). In terms of use, it is the second busiest station after Nice (7 million), and the Nice Ville – Monaco link, which is used more and more, is the busiest section of the TER line.

On the Nice – Ventimiglia line, Monaco, which is served by 102 trains a day, is the station of departure or destination for more than 43% of passengers, of which 67% are season ticket holders of the PACA TER.

Source: Portail du Gouvernement


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